October 06, 2010


                                 Dr.Bhat.A.Rangaprasad -Sarve janah Sukhino Bhavanthu || Sarve santhu Niramayah ||

Classification of Marma

The 107 marmas are classified in the following criteria by Acharya Sushrutha as is evident from the reference of सु.शा.  ६ अध्याय ||

   1. Based on the predominance of physical matrix
   2. Based on the effect of मर्म  आघात
   3. Based on the regions of the body (anga avayavaani)  सु  श  ६ /५ -६


''सप्तोत्तरं    मर्म  शतं   | The marmas are 107 in numbers

 तानी  मर्माणि   - those marmas are

पंचात्मकानी  भवन्ति , 5 in nature

 तद  यथा  - they are

मांस  मर्माणि  (muscle predominent marmas)

सिरा  मर्माणि  (Blood vessel predominent marmas)

स्नायु  मर्माणि  (Tendon / ligament predominent marmas)

अस्थि  मर्माणि  (Bone predominent marmas)

संधि  मर्माणि  च   इति  (And Joint predominent marmas)

न  खलु   मांस  सिरा  स्नायु  अस्थि  संधि  व्यतिरेकेण   मर्माणि   भवन्ति  -( one can definitely find no marmas devoid of these maamsa (MUSCLES) etc., matrices)

न  उपलभ्यते  -( and certainly we cannot find such a marma devoid of those matrices). ref:- सु .शा . ६ /३


The muscle/maamsa predominating marmas are 11 in number (तत्र  एकादशा  मांस  मर्माणि  )  सु .शा  ६ /४

तत्र , (where in)
तल  हृदय  (tala hrudaya - 4 in no )
इन्द्रबस्ती  (indrabasti - 4 in no )
गुदा  (guda - 1 in no )
स्तन  रोहितानी  ( & stana rohita - 2 in no)
मांस  मर्मणि      - falls under the category of muscle predominating marmas.    सु .शा  ६ /७                                                          

एक  चत्वारिम्शत     -(41 numbers)
सिरा  मर्मणि  (of Tendon/ligament predominating marmas are present).सु .शा  ६ /४

 नीला  धमनी  (neela dhamani- 4 in no)
मातृका  (maatrukaa  - 8 in no)
श्रुंगाटक      (Shrungaataka - 4 in no)
अपांग  (apaanga - 2 in no)
स्थपनी  (sthapani  - i in no)
फण   (phana 1 in no)
स्तनमूल  (stana moola - 2 in no)
अपलाप  (apalaapa - 2 in no )
अपस्तम्भ   (apasthambha - 2 in no)
ह्रदय  ( hrudaya - 1 in no)
पार्श्व संधि  (paarshva sandhi - 2 in no)
बृहती  (bruhatee - 2 in no)
लोहिताक्षा  (lohitaksha - 4 in no)
उर्व्या : (oorvee - 2 in no)
सिरा मर्माणि   (are the BLOOD VESSEL predominating marmas ).सु .शा  ६ /७  


   सप्त विम्शति   (27)
स्नायु  मर्माणि  (are the numbers of tendon/ligament predominating marmas) सु .शा  ६ /४

तद  यथा - (they are)

आणि  (aani  - 4 in no)    
विटप  (viTapa - 2 in no)
कक्षधरा  (kakshadhara - 2 in no)
कूर्चाशिरो   (koorcashira - 4 in no)                      
बस्ती  (basti -- 1 in no)
क्षिप्रा (ksipraam - 4 in no)
अंस  (amsa - 2 in no)
स   विधुर   (and vidhura - 2 in no)
उत्क्षेपा : (utkshepaa - 2 in no)
कूर्च मर्मणि  (totalling 41 koorcha marmaani or tendon/ ligament predominating marmas )सु .शा  ६ /७              

अस्थि  मर्माणि  (BONE PREDOMINATING MARMAS) :- 

अस्टासु  अस्थि  मर्माणि  (the bone predominating marmas are 8 in numbers) सु .शा  ६ / ४

तद  यथा ,

कटिकतरुण    (katikataruna - 2 in no)
नितम्ब  ( nitamba  - 2 in no)
अंस  फलका  (amsa phalaka - 2 in no)
शंखास्तु  ( and shankha - 2 in no)
अस्थि  मर्माणि  (are bone predominating marmas).सु .शा   ६ / ७ 


विम्शति : संधि  मर्माणि  || (joint predominating marmas are 20 in numbers) सु .शा  ६ / ४

तद  यथा ,
जानू  (jaaanu- 2 in no)
कूर्पर  (koorpara - 2 in no)
सीमान्त  (seemanta - 5 in no )
अधिपति  (adhipati - 1 in no)
गुलफा  (gulpha - 2 in no)
मणिबन्ध  (manibandha - 2 in no)
कुकुंधर  (kukundara - 2 in no)
आवर्त  (aavarta - 2 in no)
कृकाटिकाश्च  इति   ( krukaaTika - 2 in no)
संधि  मर्माणि  (are the joint predominating marmas) सु  .शा  ६  / ७ 

तद  एतत  सप्तोत्तरं   मर्म  शतं  (Thus the total number of marmas are 107)
TO BE CONTINUED AS ........  Classification of Marma  - Part 1 / 2 


swamijiofmath said...

This is a good piece on Marma chikitsa and will be helpful to the uninitiated ones, demystifying the ancient science. However, a little more explaining of the Sanskrit terms used, their meaning and other aspects, will make it more complete. May be we should look forward to it in your next post on this subject. Please keep up your good work.

drrangaprasadbhat said...

Respected Sir,
Please accept my deepest thanks being rendered from my heart. Noted the suggestions given by you.The actual meaning of the sanskrit terms were written in the brackets for better understanding of the subject to persons who are trying to get an idea of what Marma chikitsa is, other than the Ayurveda professionals.I will try to explain in another format, in my next posting as suggested by you.Thumbh a santhosavaaigdhae nimma comment kanda nantara.Dhanyavaadhagalu.
Seeking your blessings,
with Warm regards

Valsala said...

Very Nicely done Handy Info....Trendsetter

yonimassagewala said...

Well, some Marma points practically coincide with Chinese Acupuncture Points.
Can TENS ( Trans cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation ) technique be safely used for treating Marmas?

drrangaprasadbhat said...

@ Yoni massagewala,
Well, yes your observation wrt to acupuncture points is correct.
TENS can be used in marmas, to dissipate the energy blocked by the congestion of the doshas in the site of the marmas.
Thanks for the interest shown in the content of the blog.

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