May 15, 2011

Kakshadhara Marma - The Snayu Variety Of Vaikalyakara Marma

                                 Dr.Bhat.A.Rangaprasad -Sarve janah Sukhino Bhavanthu || Sarve santhu Niramayah ||

The Kakshadhara marma is one of the interesting and value added marma, used in clearing the blockage of energy channel, in clinical conditions like Hemiplegia, Shoulder subluxation, Frozen shoulder, Arthritis involving the shoulder, Tennis elbow, Brachialgia etc., to name a few.
The manipulation of this marma point is quite a tricky one and sometimes requires the simultaneous assistance of other marmas like krukatika or other points like supraclavicular or mid-scapular, to ease the local stiffness & pain.
The following power point explains the anatomical considerations of the Kakshadhar marma


Shan said...

A very nice presentation Dr.Bhat.It is very astonishing to note how,when the massage/Treatments done in the marmas give miracle results.I had a patient by the name shanti selvaraj, with a history of stinging pain,numbness, not able to lift the lt hand above 40*,stiffness upto deltoids,we started with nasyam,Bahudhara,with relaxing massage in the kakshadhara. the results are stunning.

drrangaprasadbhat said...

Yes Dr.Shanti garu,
the miraculous relief given by manipulating the Kaxadhara in conditions of stiffness around the Claviculo-scapular area, cannot be explained with simple words. It will be an ecstatic moment for the patient, when relived of the stiffness.
Thanks for your valuable input.
Warm regards.

physiotherapist said...

I am a practionor at bangalore.
What marma points can be worked on for tingling and numbness in finger tips.( left side). no neck pain..

drrangaprasadbhat said...

@ Physiotherapist,
Thanks for your interest shown in the marmas.
The selection of marmas are not universal in all cases and many a times is tailor suited depending up on the presence of the symptoms expressed by the clients and the signs exhibited in the regions of marmas.
But, any way considering your interest, I will suggest the following marmas - Kakhsdhara,Bahvi,Indravasti & Thalahrdaya.
In case your patient is diabetes, the result will be a little bit slow.

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