August 29, 2016

Marma Taping - Neuralgic Pain In Vertex Of Scalp

                              Dr.Bhat.A.Rangaprasad -Sarve janah Sukhino Bhavanthu || Sarve santhu Niramayah ||

An adiabetic, non hypertensive otherwise healthy, 64 yr old male presented with an history of throbbing pain over vertex, left temporal & occipital regions since 6 months. Had been under oral analgesic tablets with waxes and wanes of pain irrespective of medication.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging showed normal studies.
Upon clinical examination our  Vd.Rangaprasad Bhat found āvarana vāta over the Krukātika & Vidhura marma to be the cause of the throbbing pain involving the greater occipital nerve distribution.
Cause for the āvarana in those marmas were found to be compromised posture of sleeping (left lateral posture with left arm kept as support underneath the head in want of relief from the nudging pain felt in Krukātika, amsaphalaka & brhati marma regions).
Vaidya explained the importance of above cause in the manifestation of his current status of pain and adviced to avoid the posture henceforth, after providing relief from pain, to prevent the recurrence of pain.
Having got an assurance from the patient, he further proceeded with marma taping (M/T) over the affected marmas and their adjoining ones.
Post 1st sitting patient felt 70% relief from pain. Adviced to revisit on 3rd day for observation & evaluation. No any internal medicines given to assess the relief.
On 3rd day of visit, vaidya found the Krukātika and Amsaphalaka to have been relieved of congestion of vāta, but vidhura marma still showing signs of avarana. Addressed with M/T appropriately. Patient felt 90% relieved of pain.
Through interrogation it was confirmed that the patient was following the advice of our vaidya in following and maintaining the posture.
Next and final sitting of M/T was planned after 3 days (6th day of starting the treatment).

On 6th day before starting the treatment, upon removing the M/T applied in previous session, pt confirmed nil pain (100% relief from pain).
Still, to maintain proper flow of vāta 3rd M/T was applied as scheduled and adviced to be removed by the patient himself after 3 days. To prevent recurrence of the condition Rasa Ūna Rasāyanam at specified dosage was provided for a course of fortnight.
After completing the course, upon his next visit the patient came with a smiling face and a packet of sweet in his hand as an expression of gratitude and updated that he was completely out of the agonising pain over his scalp.
So Aham ||
Sarve Santu nirāmayā: ||
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