May 22, 2016

Benefits of Pādābhyanga - पादभ्यंगं - Foot Massage

                              Dr.Bhat.A.Rangaprasad -Sarve janah Sukhino Bhavanthu || Sarve santhu Niramayah ||

               चरकसंहिता ।।सूत्रस्थानम् - ५/९०-९२।। (मात्राशितीयोऽध्यायः) :―States as,
खरत्वं स्तब्धता  रौक्ष्यं श्रमः सुप्तिश्च पादयोः | सद्य एवोपशाम्यन्ति पादाभ्यङ्गनिषेवणात् ||९०|| 
( Kharatvam stabhdatA roukShyam  shrama: suptisca pAdayo: | sadya evopashamyanti pAdAbhyanganiShevaNAt ||90|| )
By the virtue of a proper massaging of foot the dryness, rough and ragged edges of sole, stiffness of the tendons, aponeuroses & lumbrical muscles, benumbed sole or foot and the local muscular fatigue gets  relieved immediately. ||90||

जायते सौकुमार्यं च बलं स्थैर्यं च पादयोः | दृष्टिः प्रसादं लभते मारुतश्चोपशाम्यति ||९१|| 
( jAyate soukumAryam ca balam sthairyam ca pAdayo: | drShTi: prasAdam labhate mArutascopashAmyati ||91|| )
Further more it bestows softness of the soles, strengthens the local musculatures by stabilising their fibres and provides a sense of strength (by addressing the venous and lymphatic drainage - usually in their congestion feeling of heaviness and lameness due to stagnation of blood gets felt). More so it controls the vāta the foot and thereby nourishes or vitalizes the acumen of visual pathway. ||91||

न च स्याद्गृध्रसीवातः पादयोः स्फुटनं न च| न सिरास्नायुसङ्कोचः पादाभ्यङ्गेन पादयोः||९२||
( na ca syAdgrdhrasIvAta: pAdayo: sPHuTanam na ca | na sirAsnAyusankoca: pAdAbhyangena pAdayo: ||92|| )
Apart from above it prevents the occurrence of grudhrasīvat gait as is seen in cases of Sciatica pain of various causes. The word Grdhrasī in Sanskrit refers to an Eagle.
The eagle has a very peculiar way of walking if one would have observed closely watching it. Like, raising one leg a little high and walks as if limping. Watch >>>
Video for gait of vulture. Last but not the least the fissures over soles, and the contracture of the tendons and and it's associated adjacent blood vessels too gets prevented from manifesting.

Depending upon the involvement of the doshas and the clinical conditions an  Ayurveda vaidya aka physician advocates different kinds of composition of oils to be used for pādābhyangam.
A few of them are Kārpāsasthyādi, Eranda, Ksīrivrkshādi, mahamasha etc yogas aka compositions.

So Aham ||
Sarve Santu nirāmayā: ||

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