May 04, 2016

Autism in Ayurveda

                              Dr.Bhat.A.Rangaprasad -Sarve janah Sukhino Bhavanthu || Sarve santhu Niramayah ||

A male child aged 10 years was diagnosed with autism 5 years back met our Vaidya for consultation, 2 months back.The child was presenting the following symptoms.

Restlessness, aphasic - but was producing a hawking sound from throat as if a foreign body is stuck in voice cord. The eye contact was absent with inattentiveness to surroundings & irritable mood. Beating his mother, sleeplessness (hardly sleeps 2 hours in a day) & non cooperative to verbal command along with inattention in classes at special school were the other complaints.

Vaidya counseled the parents regarding managing their special child and provided a set of medicines for 2 months since they had come from neighboring state. Medicines prepared, under the supervision of our Vaidya, following the protocols of Ayurveda Pharmacology, was selected and given based on the Ayurveda clinical parameters observed.

A specified pattern of posology followed for  Vacābrahmi Rasayanam, AyabhrngarajaYasti kalpam & Anakas from Ayurveda. Help of  Cypriped & Agar from homeopathy too was taken in this case.
On 2nd of April 2016 coincidentally being the World Autism Awareness day our Vaidya got a phone call from the patient's father seeking for their 2nd appt with him.
During the call, he intimated that the child's behavior had become calm along with stopping of the abnormal hawking sound the child was making.  Eye contact is maintained now and that he  sleeps undisturbed for nearly 6 hours at night. His social mingling has improved to the extent that he started playing with his fellow children without beating or being aggressive to them.

Finally with an overwhelming voice out of ecstacy, the father informed our Vaidya that the child started pronouncing articulated words like ‘Amma’, ‘Atthae’, ‘Anna’ etc 3 words. Further gave an input of his observation that he produces a snapping sound with his tongue touching his palate.

Vaidya convinced the father not to worry about the snapping sound, since the child is trying to phonate observing the conversations from his family members.He further adviced the family members to speak in a slow rhythm to the child, so that he observes the lip and tongue movement from them to later try with himself in phonating the words.

As like the child's parents, our Vaidya too is excited to see his little client next week scheduled to meet him and plan the next course of treatment.
So Aham ||
Loka: Samastha: sukhino bhavantu: ||

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