October 01, 2014

Clinical Response of Hasa Varma Thailam - a Research Product

                                 Dr.Bhat.A.Rangaprasad -Sarve janah Sukhino Bhavanthu || Sarve santhu Niramayah ||

The Hasa Varma thailam (H.V.Thailam) a self formulated preparation for dispensing in our clinic, prepared up on  research conducted by the co founder of SPKVCC, Vd.A.Rangaprasad Bhat with the selection of herbs acting up on the deeper tissues had found to be effective in clearing the blockage of energy with in the energy channels known as Nadi.
Effort is being taken to study the diverse clinical response of this preparation up on various medical conditions when applied topically over the marmas concerned with the respective diseases.Hence, the ingredients of the preparation are not being divulged, since it is a research oriented work.

The preparation of  H.V.Thailam is a step by step process which takes 7 days for completion of it.
Up on topical administration (requires a specific protocol in method of application), as from the feedback of the patients and as per the words of themselves the preparation exhibits 5 different mode of actions, which helps in analysing the deeper penetrative potential of the oil. 

The 5 observation of action (Penta Mode of Action) observed by the patients are the following. 
1. Initially a sensation of numbness
2. Followed by mild burning
3. Then observed is the disappearance of the discomfort of pain
4. Followed  by the observation of as if something crawling underneath the skin
5. Finally with the mentioning of loosened feeling from the erstwhile stretched or rigid body parts !

Each stage of observation is felt for a period ranging from 5 seconds to 10 seconds depending up on the sensitivity of one's skin texture.

The varied clinical conditions, so far helped in getting resolved, by the usage of H.V.Thailam are the following.

  • Ecchymosis,  
  • External blood clot caused from blunt injury,
  • Crushed injury of nail bed,
  • Hypertrophied nasal turbinate,
  • Nasal polyp,
  • Migraine head ache,
  • Muscle sprains of varied degrees,
  • Referral pain caused by the involvement Sciatic pain & Brachial nerve,
  • Pain due to spondilitis,
  • Sleeplessness due to anxiety and stress,
  • Swelling up on soft tissues ranging up to the clinical presentation of pitting edema, arthralgia & Joint effusions to name a few.
  • Updated on 07:Nov:2014:-
    Recently trying up on a case of Gangrene, as a  supportive medicine. Results observed so far are interesting, showing signs of improvement in peripheral circulation.

We are here by presenting the clinical observation up on topical application of  H.V.Thailam in a joint effusion & pain caused as a complication of post viral fever status in the format of image presentation depicted with the day of treatment for ones analysis.

Day 1 - prior H.V.T application
Day 1 - prior H.V.T application

Day 1 -post H.V.T application

Day 1 -post H.V.T application

Day 2 - post H.V.T application

Day 2 - post H.V.T application
Day 3 - post H.V.T application

Day 3 - post H.V.T application

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