January 11, 2011


                                 Dr.Bhat.A.Rangaprasad -Sarve janah Sukhino Bhavanthu || Sarve santhu Niramayah ||

Most of the general population face the difficulty in making their child sleep at proper time in the night.The children who sleeps for a longer time in the day and those children who miss their dad and mom due to their work often tend to stay active at night playing with their parents. At such circumstances, what so ever measures like turning the light off; switching off the source of sound like television,music players etc.,; bed time stories and many other methods, we find the children not sleeping but playing.

Just try the following methods of manipulation of certain marma points to find your child doze off at bed or over your legs.

Position of the child:

Place your child over your legs in supine posture so that his/her head lies in your thighs.

Marmas selected for this purpose:



आज्ञा चक्र

Method of manipulation:-

Use the index and middle fingers to tap alternatively and simultaneously but with a very soft landing over the surface of the skin of the marmas mentioned.

If the above version could not be understood or followed, then.........
"assume that you are to type the letters O & P in your keyboard of P.C. The amount of pressure exerted by us, in making the letter O & P appear on the computer screen , is the sufficient pressure required for the above purpose of manipulation.
More over mentioning of the the above two letters is with regards to the proximity of the two fingers in use for the manipulation (the index and middle), the proximity should be so close such that the ring finger pressing the letter "O" and the middle finger the letter "P".

1. Initially fondle the hairs present above the adhipathi marma, in a circular fashion,slowly and steadily .The circular movement should be concentric starting from the mid point of adhipathi and slowly reaching farther away from the region of adhipathi. ( For concentric movement_ if one would have seen the old Hindi movies when ever a flash back scene is being narrated a circular movement of concentric circles will be shown).

2. Later from the region of temples start mildly tapping with the index and middle fingers in a rhythmic manner moving along the crease of the eye brows reaching the agna chakra (present in between the eye brows) and vice versa for a few seconds.

3. Thirdly by placing the index,middle and ring in close approximation over the agna and start moving the fingers from Agna, in upward direction, towards the adhipathi marma.One need not apply any pressure at all for this method, but just maintain a contact between the fingers and skin, as we used to operate the mouse while browsing the P.C

Following the above 3 methods, you will find the child feeling sleepy.


ravi said...

The method works perfect for my 1.5yr naughty son while on travel.. we could make him sleep at the proper time after his dinner.. hope you post more methods in making my son sleep...
The treatment which we went for the cold, the medicine that the dr gave works perfect... once again thx so much...
Hope the DR remembers us..Kid name:Raghav

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the feedback given on the above thread of posting. Well, Raghav, indeed is a naughty and lovable kid.Thanks once again for the compliment given for the treatment given to cold for your son and for following my blog.

-Sarve santhu niramayah.

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