July 18, 2014

Fibroid Uterus - Remedy with Ayurveda

                                 Dr.Bhat.A.Rangaprasad -Sarve janah Sukhino Bhavanthu || Sarve santhu Niramayah ||

A female aged 40 years approached me at my desk,on the evening of Nov.26.2013, with the clinical symptoms of ..,
  • Bilateral Hip pain  in association with.,
  • Cervical giddiness with occipital neuralgia & Nuchal migraine.

The cervical giddiness & the Occipital neuralgia in association with nuchal migraine were addressed with Marma Chikitsa, which she got relieved in 2 sessions held in a gap of 2 days in between.

Her Menstrual history was suggestive of uterine fibroid.with her M/C being 6 days/26 - 34 days; with occasional clots;profuse bleeding; 6-8 pads/day; blackish red colored flow; in association with non offensive, non itchy but mild leucorrhoea.Urination was significantly frequent, especially in supine posture.

She had a surgical history of resection of Fibroadenoma in her Rt.breast held on Aug.25.2013.

The USG findings, taken on Nov.24.2013,  were supportive of multiple fibroids; specifically 3 in number 1 each @ sub serous in anterior myocardium; sub serous in posterior myocardium of fundus & @sub mucosal over right side of body of uterus, whose measurements are being mentioned underneath with the comparative ones post treatment.

The client was reluctant to undergo another surgery for the fibroids, since she had the traumatic experience with the one due to the fibroadenosis, hence was keen enough to take the Ayurveda treatment, since she had immense faith over it.

Hence, based on the Ayurveda parameters of the dosha dushya sammurchana, a kashayam powder was prepared, based on the textual reference of classical pharmacopoeia,  with the essences of seven herbs and the client was asked to prepare the kashayam  by herself, which was advised to be consumed in empty stomach, daily twice, along with inclusion of palasha kshar.

Further more a homeo combination with Frax.am and AMN as one of its ingredients was prescribed in globule form, whose dosage was fixed at 2 globules four times in a day.

The above medications were continued for  period of 5 months, and was adviced for a follow up scan, which was taken on 22nd of Apr 2014.

The comparative results of either of the USG's taken at Nov.26.2013 &22nd of Apr 2014 , as have been comprehended, is presented in the following paragraph.

Herewith the USG taken on Nov.26.2013 will be henceforth referred as Recent USG & that of 22nd of Apr 2014 as the Previous USG.

Comparative Study:-

  1. Recent USG shows Complete resolvement of 1 subserous cyst in anterior myocardium, which was measuring as 1.8x1.7 cm in previous USG.
  2. The recent USG reveals only 2 fibroids out of the 3 present in the previous one. Of which the size of Subserous fibroid over the posterior myocardium of fundus currently measures 1.2x1.0 cms as of the previous measurement of 2.8x2.2 cms.
  3. The current size of fibroid in Submucosa of the right side of the body of Uterus is 1.4x0.9 cms as against the 2.2x2.0 cms of previous USG findings.
  4. Endometrial thickness currently is  6 mm (on 9th day of MC) as against 10 mm (on 6th day of MC) of previous one.
  5. The Uterus is anteverted in either of the USG with a measurement of 8.1x4.2x4.6 cms in current as against the 8.9x4.7x5.1 cms measurement in previous USG.

    The quint essence of the seven herbs used in the combination, were to counter act the kapha & rakta dosha, mamsa & medo dhathu along with the vata anulomana property.

    -Sarve Santhu Niramaya: ||
    Vd..A.Rangaprasad Bhat.
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