December 27, 2013

WBC,RBC & Hb Aberrations - A brief clinical input

                                 Dr.Bhat.A.Rangaprasad -Sarve janah Sukhino Bhavanthu || Sarve santhu Niramayah ||

 A patient with the following symptoms approached our clinic for appropriate treatment.

 1.Reduced WBC & RBC counts and Hb%
3.Fatty liver
4.Mild ascites with Anasarca
5.Loss of appetite with nausea and vomiting
6.Constipated bowels with dysuria

On careful analysis based on the Ayurveda siddhantas, and after thorough search in the repertories of samhitas for medicinal combination j
ust the following two medicines were selected and given to the patient after preparing with the specifications mentioned in the classical text.

1.Dasamulapancakoladi kvath churn
2.Punarnavadi churn
, Care was taken to include all the ingredients mentioned in the reference.

Mode of action for which the above medicines selected..
2. Digestive
3. Carminative
4.Tonic to Spleen and Liver
5.Indicated in Ascites
6.Mild diuretic
9.Acts on Pitta,Kapha and Vata respectively.
10.Negates the aberrated ap,teja&vayu maha bhuta
11.Influences the rasa,rakta,mamsa and medo dhatus.

Observation post medication:

Observation after one month medication, partaken by the patient is as follows.

1.The counts of WBC & RBC along with Hb% increased.
2.Colicky Pain over splenic area nil.
3.Appetite improved; gained 3 kgs of lost weight
4.Clarity of face improved with disappearance of the erst while sunken face.
5.Pedal oedema completely null.
6.Nausea, vomiting, dysuria relieved.
7.Bowels loose and regular.

We in our clinic always prefer and advice the patients to prepare fresh kashayam by themselves and try to avoid the readymade kashayam available in the market, since we believe that the potency of the alkaloids in the fresh kashayam gets preserved in its fullest extent.

The immense joy felt by the patient, on getting relievd of the problems and returning to his normal life could not be expressed in words over here,but only be felt in one's presence.

Our belief that Ayurveda is not a slow acting system of medicine has enhanced further with the rate of success in the above case.

The entire credit goes to the blessings of the almighty showered up on him and us in ensuing proper selection & treatment in the above case.

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