January 02, 2014

Obesity Management With Ayurveda Combination Sthoulyahara

                                 Dr.Bhat.A.Rangaprasad -Sarve janah Sukhino Bhavanthu || Sarve santhu Niramayah ||

Treatment of Obesity as per the siddhanta of Ayurveda has to be planned taking into the consideration of the following factors the Kapha,Pitta & Vata doshas; the bala / physical strength of the person; the rasa, rakta,mamsa & medo dhatus.
Treating obesity successfully is a challenging job for physicians of any system of practice of medicines.
It had been said in one context of explanation of obesity that कार्श्यमेव  वरं  स्थौल्यं ॥(Karshyameva varam sthoulyam ||). Which means Being lean is better than being obese,specifically when it comes with tretaing them.Obesity will hereby from now on be referred with the term Sthoulya in this draft.
Sthoulya is possible to control but with difficulty. It is because  santarpana / excess nutrition (calories) will lead to further medodhatu vruddhi / accumulation of adipose or fat tissues and apatarpana (Starvation or Extreme Dieting) will not conquer tikshna agni bala / profound digestive activity . More over, sthoulya persons will naturally be durbala / depleted in energy due to improper nourishment of the Saptadhatus, hence the obese or sthoulya perons may not be able to withstand the extremity of depletion of nourishment caused by the extereme dieting.
P.S:-It is believed in Ayurveda that the sapta dhatus / 7 tissue elements are complimentary to each other and that each of the tissues has the quality of their predecessor tissues.

We too had our difficulties in treating obese persons, not until when I happened to stumble up on certain specific references while researching the vast repertory available in various samhitas related Ayurveda.
Based up on those fine tuned research for the herbs, we started providing the "Sthoulyahara" which is a combination of two preparations.One in the form of kvatha churna to which some fruit pulp are to be added, while preparing the kashayam and other in the form of Capsules.

This specific combination, the "sthoulyahara",might give an impression to you that it drastically reduces the weight, since the discussion is about obesity. Any expectations of loosing 5 kgs to 12 kgs in a month may not and will not get fulfilled with this combination. We are not claiming tall regarding the Sthoulyahara with regards to the perpective of weight loss.To the most you can expect 1 to 3 kgs of weight loss per month that's it.

The result we get from the feedback of our clients are encouraging.

But, the Sthoulyahara do have a profound inclination in reducing and controlling the LDL / Low density lipids & the Triglycerides.

One must understand that it is the low density lipids, which is the culprit, which gives the sensation of heaviness and pendulous appearence of the body parts like the abdomen,buttocks, thighs and the arms accumulated with the adiposity.
When once the LDL starts getting reduced, the subjective feeling of heaviness of body parts gets reduced initially, and there by one's girth of the body too gets shrunken gradually.

As of our clinical & physical observation there has always been a particular pattern of losings one's cumulative fat deposit. The face is the first index representing the action of the medicines consumed. It starts losing its excess fat deposit. If no fat present in face already, then it's contour remains the same as it was, even, before taking the medicines. Following the face, one will start feeling the lightness and loss of excessive fat in the following areas the buttocks,then the abdomen along with the thighs followed by the chest & the arms.

The above sequence of loss of fat has been observed in almost 60 to 70 % of the patients who took the medicines religiously and followed the diet and exercise regimen adviced appropriately.

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